Best Sex Toys for Gay Couples 

Best Sex Toys on the Market for Gay Couples

There’s a lot of options when you’re in the market for some high quality sex toys. We live in a time where whatever you desire is just a few clicks (and a few dollars) away. Some toys are for men, and some toys are for women. There are even a wide variety of sex toys that are intended for use by couples. Even more specifically, today we are going to have a closer look at some of the best sex toys on the market right now for gay couples.

joujou sex toys

Liquid Sex Desensitizing Anal Lube 4oz Tube
Sometimes, you’re both ready to tear each other’s clothing off and make hot, sweaty love right where you stand — but it just so happens that your body isn’t quite ready yet. Don’t worry, you’ll have nothing to fear with this high quality desensitizing anal lube. Although lubricants are not sex toys per se, they are still an essential item to have on hand in the bedroom. At a cost of about $15 per tube, this odorless, slippery lubricant will make the sensitive anal area much less likely to experience pain during penetration. It can applied also to the penis for a little added stamina — you’ll be able to keep going all night long.

Classic Butt Plug Smooth Medium Beige
This item is one of several similar Sex Toys Joujou of varying sizes, but for the purposes of review, we will be looking at the standard size. Promising anal ecstasy (at a modest price of roughly $12), this medium-sized rubber butt plug is for moderately experienced lovers looking for a more advanced means of experiencing the joys of anal penetration.

Japanese Style Bondage Rope Cotton Red 32 Feet
If you and your partner are a more adventurous couple, looking to experience the power and excitement of bondage play, you may want to stock up on items to restrain your partner. Lengths of rope are not sex toys, in the strict sense of the word, but they will surely enhance your play while making use of other sex toys. The soft cotton this rope is composed of is easy on the skin and very pliable — this can make for a very safe and fun session of bondage and domination. This high quality bondage rope costs about $16 per unit, but you’ll know it was money well-spent when you see it keeping your naughty boy toy right where you want him.

Big Black Cock & Balls 12″ Lengthy Suction Cup
This absolute monster of a dildo is only for the most adventurous and experienced of couples. This is not your average sex toy. It features a realistic texture and feel, complete with all the lifelike ridges, veins, and wrinkles you could ever hope for. It’s as fat as a man’s wrist, and as long as a man’s foot. With a price tag of about $48, this big boy comes equipped with a powerful suction cup and is sure to satisfy the most extreme and demanding of lovers.

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